Our Story


We believe . . . 

You have an insatiable need to write--and you probably have your entire life.
We also believe that somebody out there needs your words and the stories you're going to tell.

So we want to empower and encourage you to get your book written.

You can do it!


Do what you love, unashamedly!

One of the inspirations behind this was all of the hard-working, endlessly creative, and super kind authors RaeAnne has come across in co-hosting an indie reading challenge.

Do what you love--WRITE--and totally tell us about your books!

You never know, they could be featured in a box one day!


We couldn't do it without . . . 

(And coffee!)
But mostly you!

We thought this was a crazy idea . . . but when we reached out and asked if it's something you would want, the response was overwhelmingly encouraging and sweet!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  


About Us!

RaeAnne is the proud owner of Lavender Prose; a book blog that's all about the love of books--and the people who write them!

She's in the beginning stages of trying to write her first "real" book!  
Y'know, when she isn't blogging, reading, collecting typewriters, trying to reach things on the top shelf, hosting awesome challenges on Instagram and her blog, making connections in her Facebook groups for writers and book bloggers, coming up with sassy comebacks, being a stay-at-home "sissy mommy", betareading, and drinking all of the coffee.

She also likes to play video games and do yoga!


Filipa is the owner of the blog A Savant Reader. There you may find books, tea and also a bit of madness in between! She believes that all writers should deserve a chance, and in her blog indie authors are more than welcome!

After many discarded story drafts, she hopes that she may finally have found that idea that will turn into a book!

Well, truth be told, writing isn't easy when you're a Med student, book blogger, bookstagrammer and even run a bookish shop, but when it's something you love to do, you always find time for it.

Art is yet another one of her passions, she's addicted to anything "Alice in Wonderland" related and she also admits that she's a cartoon aficionado.