What is ScribeKit?

ScribeKit is a new subscription box for writers--with a twist on the typical subscription model.
Every kit will have its own theme!  You'll always receive a planner (with matching stickers!) and worksheet, an inspiring prompt, a letter from another writer just like you, a beautiful art print, and a sample of tea!  There will be a few other goodies thrown in there, too.


What's the twist?

Glad you asked!

We initially started out as your typical subscription box, but decided to change things up a little.
You can't subscribe to ScribeKit.  Instead, we have a limited number of kits available--the number will grow as our business continues to do the same!  Once those kits are gone, they're gone . . . but you will still be able to buy some of the items featured in it!

Our planners, worksheets, prints, and stickers will always be available for digital download even after the kit has sold out!


When can I make a purchase?

Whenever we open new spots for the we will make announcements on our website, in a newsletter, and on social media. Keep an eye out since we have a limited number of boxes each month and they might sell out quickly.

Billing &


What payments methods can I use?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard,American Express, and Discover cards.


Inside a


What can I expect in the kit?

Each kit will always contain a prompt related to the month's theme, an encouraging letter from another writer, a beautiful print, a planner with matching stickers, a worksheet, and a sample of tea!
AND we'll always include a few other goodies, too!


Can I buy a single item from the box?

Yes!  The products designed by us will be available for download or purchase from our site.  
And we'll always include the names of the shops we buy our other products from.


Does ScribeKit ship to my country?

You betcha!  We offer both domestic and international shipping!

How much does shipping cost?

1 kit to the United States will cost $6 shipping.
1 kit outside of the United States will cost $15 shipping.

If your order weighs more than .75 lbs, it will cost more.

When are the boxes shipped?

On the 10th of each month!  You'll get an exciting email in your inbox telling you when the box has shipped!


Is the shipping tracked?

You'll get an email with your tracking number once your package is sent out!  :)


When will my box arrive?

This depends on where you live, and we're still figuring it out . . . but I estimate that, if you live in the United States, it will be within a week!


Returns &


Can I return or exchange the box I received?

No, once a box has shipped, we cannot accept a return and we won't be able to exchange it for another box.


What do I do if one of the items in my box is missing?

All our parcels are quadruple-checked, but in the unusual case that an item is missing from your box please get in touch as soon as possible here.


What do I do if one of the items in my box is broken/damaged?

In that case you need to get in touch with us here and include photos of the damaged item. Only then will we be able to send you a replacement.




I'm a business selling items that would be great for your boxes. How do I get my items into one of your boxes?

Thank you for showing interest in ScribeKit! We would love to feature your products. Send us information about your business/products by completing the form in the PARTNER WITH US page. You must also be willing to send us samples of the items.


I'm a publisher/agent/author platform and I would be interested in promoting my services in your boxes. How can I do this?

Thank you for showing interest in ScribeKit! We would love to collaborate with you and promote your services to our customers. Send us information about your business to by completing the form in the PARTNER WITH US page.


I'm a writer. How can I be featured in your boxes?

If you're a writer here's your opportunity to share any and all advice, prompts, and encouragement with all of the other aspiring authors out there! Send us information about you and your books by completing the form in the PARTNER WITH US page.