Hey, writers!

Hey there, writer!  :)

Your words matter . . . an awful lot.  
They could be the difference between someone throwing in the towel and someone fulfilling their dream.
You are amazing.
Your creations are inspiring.

We're all different people, with unique experiences and outlooks.
Your writing journey is unique to you--and that's awesome!

  • Have you learned something about writing that you think could benefit another writer?
  • Is there something you've gone through that has made you a better writer--a better person?
  • Is there something you can't help but be inspired by?
  • Are there words of encouragement you'd like to share with other writers out there?
  • Something you wish someone would have told you?

Here's an opportunity to share any and all advice, prompts, and encouragement with all of the other aspiring authors out there!

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You never know what impact your words might make!

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